Batesburg-Leesville Middle School

425 Shealy Road

Batesburg-Leesville, South Carolina 29006

Telephone (803) 532-3831 * Fax (803) 532-8021

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Overall School Facts

Student Enrollment: 576

Grades: 6,7,8

Administrators: 2

Teachers (certified personnel): 38

Support Staff: 34

Principal’s Message

Welcome to our web site! We are glad that you have an interest in Batesburg-Leesville Middle School. Please visit the calendar on the Lexington County School District Three web site to check for upcoming events. We are the only middle school in our school district. Our students come from the town of Batesburg-Leesville and the surrounding areas.

The faculty and staff at Batesburg-Leesville Middle School place students, their educational, physical, and safety needs, as our number one priority. In an ever-changing and challenging world, we must continue to try new and innovative approaches to prepare our students for the future. Hopefully, with our continued involvement from parents, businesses, and the community, our students will be ready to assume leadership roles in their future endeavors.

Mission Statement

Working together with students, parents/guardians, faculty, staff, and community members, Batesburg-Leesville Middle School will establish and maintain a strong foundation for lifelong learning by nurturing, challenging, and guiding all students toward their maximum academic, career and technical, artistic, physical, social, and emotional potential within a respectful, safe environment.


Our Staff Believes:

All individuals have value and worth as unique human beings.

Parents/guardians, educators, students, and community members must be active partners for a successful educational process.

The middle school environment serves as a bridge between the acquisition and the utilization of skills necessary for life-long learning.

A continuous effort by administrators, faculty, staff, and parents/guardians to facilitate communication is essential for the development and well being of the students at Batesburg-Leesville Middle School.

All individuals are expected to develop and demonstrate high standards of respect and appropriate behavior.

Learning is achieved in a positive, supportive, respectful, and safe school environment.

All students are challenged with appropriate academic and critical thinking skills that ensure opportunities for students to be motivated to achieve optimal success.

Instructional practices should incorporate learning activities that take into account different learning styles and abilities.

An atmosphere should be created in which students from all cultural backgrounds are treated with dignity and appreciation.

Staff development must be an ongoing process using research-based practices.

Nurturing social responsibility is enhanced through community service and responsible citizenship.

Effective staff support, physical facilities, and planning are essential in establishing academic excellence.


We will prepare students to continue their education so that they can be contributing citizens to the community and to the world of work by providing an appropriate academic foundation.


We will prepare students, teachers and administrators for the continually changing workplace by providing opportunities to learn and apply 21st Century technology.


We will provide a student-friendly, safe and orderly school environment to promote learning.


We will improve instruction through staff development, collaborative opportunities, and evaluations of teachers, staff, and administrators.

We will encourage the active involvement of students, teachers, staff, administrators, parents/guardians and the community through effective communication.


We will provide all individuals with opportunities that promote respect, pride, and teamwork.


VII. We will make instructional decisions based upon appropriate data and proven educational research.



School Facility

We are very excited about our facility! Batesburg-Leesville Middle School is housed in a new facility that was opened in August of 1999. The facility has classroom space for 700 students and media center; cafeteria, gymnasium, etc. are large enough to provide for ample growth.

Handicapped Accessible


40 classrooms (internet accessible)

Six computer labs (two are mobile/wireless)

Media Center

Cafeteria (seats 400)

Gymnasium (seats 800)

Ample playground and parking area

Located on a 38 acre campus

Community Involvement

School Improvement Council - Mr. John Stover, Chairman

BLMS PTO – Mrs. Paula Bedenbaugh,  President

Volunteer Program – Mrs. Mechelle Slice, Coordinator

Academic Student Recognition

Open House

Grandparents’ Day

Teacher Appreciation

Parent Newsletter

BLMS Adopt-A-Highway

Family Nights

Student Testing

Palmetto Achievement Challenge Test (PACT) Results of Spring 2004 Administration

GRADE 6                     Below Basic             Basic             Proficient             Advanced

Grade 6 Mathematics         17.8 %                 39.1%             29.3%                 13.8%

State Level Mathematics     6 22.8%                39.0%            22.9%                 15.3%

Grade 6 Language Arts         39.1%                 34.9%           25.4%                    0.6%

State Level Language Arts 6 36.0%                 35.4%            24.3%                   4.3%

Grade 6 Science                    42.2%                41.1%            11.4%                   5.4%

State Level Science 6             45.8%                27.7%            14.0%                 12.6%

Grade 6 Social Studies           44.0%                 39.0%            11.5%                   5.5%

State Level Social Studies 6     35.3%                38.4%           12.9%                     8.1%


Grade 7 Mathematics             19.9%                 46.0%            14.9%                     19.3%

State Level Mathematics 7     28.5%                 40.0%             17.5%                     14.1%

Grade 7 Language Arts         23.9%                 58.7%             14.2%                        3.2%

State Level Language Arts 7 28.1%                 46.8%             21.9%                         3.3%

Grade 7 Science                 40.2%                   37.9%                 8.6%                     13.2%

State Level Science 7          37.3%                   36.6%               13.9%                     12.3%

Grade 7 Social Studies         42.3%                 39.4%                 9.1%                         9.1%

State Level Social Studies 7 40.0%                 38.8%                 11.2%                     10.1%


Grade 8 Mathematics         28.0%                 48.2%                 17.7%                         6.1%

State Level Mathematics 8 32.5%                 45.2%                 14.2 %                         8.1%

State Level Language Arts  26.6%                41.8%                 27.2%                           4.4%

State Level Language Arts 8 26.7%             47.0%                 22.3%                            4.0%

Grade 8 Science                 45.0%             46.2%                     4.1%                             4.7%

State Level Science 8         41.1%             39.5%                     10.2%                            9.3%

Grade 8 Social Studies        37.3%             43.2%                     15.4%                            4.1%

State Level Social Studies 8 35.4%             40.4%                     13.3%                           11.1%

Awards / Recognition

Target 2000 Recipient

21st Century Learning Center Grant Recipient

Bell South Grant Recipient

National Art Education Association Award

Special Programs / Features

After School Program

Red Ribbon Week

Spelling Bee

Geography Bee

Awards Per Grade

Gifted & Talented Program

Honor Roll and Incentives

Student of the Quarter

Field Days

Student Council

Inclusive special education program

Extracurricular Activities

Cheerleading for football and basketball





Cross Country

Track and Field




Radio Club

Tri-Pi Club



Academic Team

WBLMS News Team

Numerous and Varied Field Trip Opportunities