Magnets Webquest
A web activity created by Amy Bedenbaugh, Media Specialist
for 2nd Grade
South Carolina Science Standards B. 1.a.b.c.

Explore the links below to find out more about magnets.  Use the information that you learn to complete the project below.  You will have to do the activity in your classroom or the science lab.

Magnets--Background Information
Key Ideas about Magnets
Uses for Magnets
Discovery of Magnetism
Brain Pop! Movie-- Magnets
Magnetism Quiz
Magnets for Kids More Magnet info Magnet Maze Activity
Magnetism--Encarta Article
Magnet Therapy
Magnetism Lesson
Mag Lev Trains and Vehicles

Use the information that you have learned to create a flyer or brochure about magnets.  You

must include the following information:

*  What is magnetism?--in your own words.

*  Name at least 3 objects that are magnetic.

*  Tell about  or draw a picture that showsthe north and south poles of magnets and how they

    attract and repel each other.

*  Tell about 2 ways that we can use magnets.  Write at least three good sentences about each use.

*  Include at least one photo of a magnet being used (it can be one that you take with a digital


Your final product will be scored based on this rubric.